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Just a few steps away from Piazza del Popolo, beating heart of the town since the Middle Ages, the Historic Residence faces onto Corso Trento e Trieste, an important street of the old town centre which crosses Corso G. Mazzini, the old “decuman”. The strategic position of the Hotel allows our guests to be near shops, restaurants and cultural centres, all comfortably reachable by walk.


The History

The historic residence is built on the remains of an old building which in past centuries used to house the monastery of Sant’Egidio nuns. A simple travertine staircase leaning against the front wall and arch leads to the first floor of the Palazzo. From here it is possible to admire the elegant travertine columns and monogram of San Bernardino, protector of the nuns, depicting a blazing sun with the Christogram JHS (Jesus Hominum Salvator) in the centre.
The Residence is also adjacent to what once was Palazzo Marcucci, birthplace of the venerable Francesco Antonio Marcucci, founder of the Congregation of the Pious Worker Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.



As a reminder of the original Palace, today you may properly admire a magnificent hall made of bricks and travertine, which dates back to the XVI century. The restauration, ended in November 2011, concerned the whole building. Nonetheless, aiming at preserving and giving value to the original elements, the works on the Recidence revealed to be a safeguard of the city heritage, of which the building is representative and integrated expression.

With a constant look on the past, the rooms of Palazzo dei Mercanti are tastefully designed, keeping both in sight modernity and the historical value of the building.

To a great respect and a curious rediscovery of the traditions, add up the attention to important contemporary themes, such as farm-to-table breakfast, eco-friendly attitude, cycle-tourism, personal health and wellbeing.

Our 22 rooms are located on ground floor (just one), on the first, the second and third floor. At -1 level you may find our lovely Soavia Spa and our Meeting room.

At breakfast you will be able to choose among various fresh products, genuine and without conservatives, carefully chosen to make you start your day the sweetest way.


We respect our land and its products

By offering our guests a very “healthy” and farm-to-table kind of breakfast. Besides our delicious courses, we thus serve our enthusiasm: we choose genuine food, produced by people who love their job and share our own values. Our breakfast has a vast choice of local products, so that you may have a taste of the Piceno specialties first thing in the morning. Furthermore, choosing a farm-to-table approach is not just good for us and for your health, but also for our local farmers who are really passionate about their job and can make a living out of it.


We choose “healthy” and organic, because we treasure the safeguard of your physical health.

We proudly offer you an accurate and large selection of farm-to-table choices, produced in compliance with the organic agricultural regulations. Inspired by the norms suggested by food science, we offer both classical and “healthy” solutions. You can create your own Healthy Breakfast autonomously and originally, choosing among different kinds of yoghurt, shell fruit, seeds, honey, homemade jams which will make your awakening sweet, without giving up your line.


We love the environment

Because farm-to-table equals sustainability. In choosing to serve local products you may find at least three very important environmental benefits: a reduction on the CO2 emissions, the reduction in the use of water and energy for washing and packing the food, the reduction in the use of plastic and cardboard for packaging.

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