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The enormous strength of the travertine, the pillars of the cloister looking up to the sky, the position on the ancient decumanus underline the religious origins of our Historic Residence. Its birth dates back to the relics of its sacred roots. Palazzo dei Mercanti lived its first days as an important convent, on the street right behind the main square and really close to the most relevant social authorities. In doing its restoration, they tried to keep all the sacred elements belonging to the building and thus maintaining its ancient, magic meaning.


Ascoli Piceno does not differ from the norm: in its first forms of urbanisation, it grew around the two main cores that used to manage life within the city, political and religious power. Over the centuries, however, a new social class became more and more established, the one represented by merchants. Born as a mostly nomadic activity, trading began then to create and occupy its own spaces and buildings that were fit for constantly hosting crafts, thus demonstrating the growing importance they were acquiring in the social fabric.

This is how merchants began their evolution from nomads to settled, becoming one of the cornerstones of the earthly powers. Rooted in a remote valley, embraced by mountains and rivers, the inhabitants of Ascoli Piceno has soon matured their own specific sense of belonging, giving life to an authentic cultural identity.


Our Historic Residence is in the heart of Ascoli Piceno, behind the charming Piazza del Popolo and wrapped around its own alleys, called “rue”.


Thanks to a deep characterisation, the Hotel has different kinds of rooms, apt at satisfying the need of a clientele both business and leisure oriented.

Within the palace, the souls of different activities functional to the achievement of the perfect stay experience intertwine. Above all, there is the exclusive Seta Spa, a place completely dedicated to wellness, in the most relaxing and suggestive environment.


For the sake of your taste and for the pleasures of the palate there is Cibo, a lively bistro, open daily until late night.

Its creative gourmet proposals and one of its many seasonal dishes, prepared with excellent and carefully selected local organic products, accompanied by an interesting selection of wines, are the trademark of this elegant bistro.

The Technical Staff at Palazzo dei Mercanti offers a complete and exclusive hospitality service. For those who arrive by car, an efficient Car Valet service allows you to have your car parked in a private garage and have it back any time you need.

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The Reception, highly qualified and multilingual, open 24/7, guarantees a complete support on any requirements during your stay.